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You may not be able to change the life for all horses

but you can change the world for one!

About Our Rescue

Finding Homes for Horses

Get to know all about Moore's Equines for Rescue

You will be working with the Moore family directly. We strive to make this a much better experience for the horses as well as our customers. I, Jen Moore have greatly enjoyed talking to all of you in the community. I’ve known most of you for years by names, but never have had the privilege of talking to you.


You all are a wonderful group of people that really care for the horses and it shows.

Let’s keep working together and saving the horses.

Thanks for this opportunity to let me help you save the horses.

As most people are aware, my husband, Brian Moore buys ALL classes of horses on a daily basis. The purpose of this page in hopes of finding the slaughter bound horses and the pipeline horses alternative homes.
As we are not a non-profit organization we are offering them to the public for purchase not for "adoption".
Some of these horses are broke, registered and sound. Blemishes and known issues will be pointed out as we see them but most of the history of these animals is unknown.
We hope to build relationships with those interested in providing these horses with homes.
All of the horses are providing with excellent hay and water 24/7 until they leave here.

**This is NOT a non-profit organization**


At Moore's Equines for Rescue we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love. We’d love for you to take part in the Moore's Equines for Rescue experience. For more information, get in touch!

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